“It’s all about skills”

Where was my photo taken this time around? It’s just somewhere around my block where I live. It’s not really an attractive site but it surely looks like one in my photos. Kudos to my great friend Myke Motus. I wonder how he does it! He is one amazing photographer, uhm.. actually in everything classified under arts. When God showered art talents, his mom was definitely at the front line. HAHA, Myke if you are reading this, I’m actually praising you! HAHA!!

Anyway, I bought a few pieces at the Philippines during my weekend trip last month and I’m really excited to share it with you guys!

Top from Bangkok. Shorts from Topshop. Shoes from Feet For A Queen

The shoes in my photos are from Feet For A Queen. My friend has been addicted to shoe buying recently and she was the one who made me buy this pair! Thanks Xyza!🙂 The shoes? Yes, they’re HEEL LESS. It’s the trend nowadays, before you even ask “Is it even stable?” Yes, somehow it is stable. I was able to walk a couple of blocks so it’s safe to say it is.. Just be extra careful since it has less support. Why don’t you check out Feet For A Queen! They have other shoe designs that I’m sure you’d love!

Blue Green Bangle from The Editor’s Market. Snakeskin Orange Bangle from Jean and Rosz. Gold Bangles from Girlshoppe.

Rings from Cineleisure Bazaar.

I bought some accessories too from The Ramp Philippines. Oh, how I missed shopping at The Ramp.😦 Good thing there’s The Editor’s Market here in Singapore.

Weekend over, back to hussle bussle life! Happy Mondays Guys! Let’s start this week right and with a smile!🙂

Dance In The Rain

Learning how to dance in the rain

“It’s not waiting for the storm to pass but its learning how to dance in the rain”

I’ve always loved this quote and now I get to use it!

Sunday … I thought it’s going to be a bright sunny afternoon.. PERFECT for our photoshoot. My friend, Myke just bought his new lens and I’ve been dying to give my dslr a test run. We were so set on this shoot and we are really hoping for a perfect weather that day but what the fudge! It’s raining cats and dogs.

We were at Sentosa, with our cameras waiting for the rain to stop…Although judging by the look of the clouds, we know Mr. Sun won’t be up anytime soon.

Instead of waiting and sulking, we just went on with our plan even if the odds are not in our favor. (Sorry, Hunger Games fanatic)

Turns out, the pictures are still great…Good thing the moon comes up late here in Singapore.

Credits to Myke Motus for the photos!


What do you think? Not that bad right?

Swept Away

Shiny Shimmering Splendid. I love shiny and sparkly things, it never fails to catch my eye. I love wearing sparkly clothes but sometimes I feel so shy cause of people’s odd stares making me feel like I’m a walking disco ball. HAHA. I bought this sparkly top way back in one of the bazaars in Singapore and I haven’t got the chance to wear it.

Palazzo Pants from Bugis Village.

I was thinking of a way that I could make the top casual and normal in a sense. So instead of pairing my gold top with other eye catching bottoms, I paired my gold sparkly top with my palazzo grey pants. It made my look casual and a little laid back.

Bangles from H&M. Necklace from V&C. Shoes from Parisian. Rings from Cineleisure Weekend Bazaar

As for my accessories, I don’t want my accessories to clash with my gold color so I wore a necklace that somehow blended with my gold top.

Lastly since I feel that my outfit is abit on the neutral side, I used my royal blue satchel bag to have a pop of color. Not so bad for casual right?🙂


Summer is hot and so are the colours this month. Bright colors everywhere! I guess it’s the season where everyone ditches neutrals and opt for something more cheerful to blend in with summer. I for one want to be a little more flashy this summer and this mullet dress is perfect.

I love the fact that my necklace looks like it’s part of the dress! I bought the necklace from Diva. If you’re in SG, why don’t you check out their outlets. Their accessories are really nice and very eye catching too!🙂

Bought the ring from the weekend bazaar at Cineleisure Orchard.

I can’t believe that summer is almost over! I did not even feel it. Good thing I’m going back to MNL this weekend! How can I not spend summer with my friends and family? HAHA Nothing beats summer in the Philippines!🙂 CHEERS!

Put On Whatever

Aviator Sunglasses from Ray-ban. Bangles, feather earrings, bracelet from Diva. Top and Shorts from Bangkok

Fixing my closet makes me happy because not only it makes my wardrobe neat but it also makes me find long lost clothes! I’m a spontaneous buyer. When it comes to clothes, I have this tendency of thinking “It’s now or never”. I feel like if I don’t buy it anytime soon, I won’t be able to find the exact same one or I’d regret it forever! And as the clothes pile on, sometimes the clothes I bought way back are lost in my memory. It takes a lot of digging and cleaning here and there for me to find those clothes (same logic as finding easter eggs). HA HA!

Now, my outfit in these photos were well, the ones I found in my closet cleaning. The owl top and the white crochet vest were my cheap buys when I went to Bangkok last February with my friend. I wish I could go back soon to shop there again! :)) Enough of my ramblings. So what do you think?

Darcis Jean-Philippe Macarons

Desserts! Who can resist desserts?? Definitely NOT ME! Everytime I tell myself I will diet and cut down on sweets, I always fail! Just the sight of those yummy desserts… Especially macarons… knocks me right off of my feet. HAHA

If you want fine tasting desserts, try Darcis Jean Philippe!

I wanted to try all their desserts but I stopped myself and settled with their macarons ONLY. Their macarons are chewy and tasty. They truly live up with their “fine tasting” tagline.

I tried out Almond Milk, Caramel, Nougat, Praline and Vanilla. Out of the 5, Nougat was my favorite. Aside from the flavors I’ve mentioned, there are still many flavors to choose from (pistachio, lemon, strawberry poppy, and many to mention). Indulge yourself!

But if you’re not a big fan of macarons, the store also offers other desserts like truffles, pralines, rochers, cupcakes and even chocolate jams! Why don’t you give it a try?

Visit the store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #01-38

Where’s that LANE?

If you are up for an adventure and a little treasure hunting, then let me take you to one of the best kept “secrets” of Singapore.

Haji Lane.

It is a narrow lane, hidden in the Kampong Glam neighborhood of Singapore. Judging from the graffitis on the walls of the street, the interesting shop displays and design, Haji Lane has this indie vibe all over the place

ECLECTIC is the word.

Some say it’s a fashionista’s paradise.. And IT IS.

Clothes, accessories, vintage items, lomo cameras, vintage looking bikes are all in this narrow lane. The lane is filled with artistically designed shop houses owned by young local designers and entrepreneurs. Most of the stuff you see in these shops are one of a kind and something you can’t see inside Orchard Malls. As for budget, well let’s just say you can find cheap bargains and at the same time there are items that costs a dime but nonetheless you get your money’s worth.

These are some of the boutiques I was able to take a photo of…

 Online ShopperS Boutique is one of the stores that caught my eye in a heartbeat! Aside from the fact that it has an eye catching interior, they sell hip items too!

From accessories to bags, pouches and even trendy shoes!🙂  MUST-CHECK-THIS-STORE

Filmbox knows how to make a statement. Look at how they dressed up the store! Flashy right?  One wall of bags and shoes inside Filmbox. Moving on the the next shop house,…. Wicked Laundry!


Girls, I think I dont even have to take an inside photo of the store to convince you to check it. Wicked Laundry is very updated with what’s hip and trendy in the market. Check out Wicked Laundry!

Other snapshots I took from other shop houses

Tokyo Bikes sells vintage looking bikes! They even have accessories to pimp your ride! Leather seats, baskets you can put to dress up your bike and other paraphernalia you want to give your bike.

And as much as I want to post more photos of shop houses in Haji Lane, my dslr ran out of battery so why don’t you go check it out for yourselves instead! I’m sure it’s worth a trip!

Throw your hats off… for GRADUATION!

Ever since I was in grade school the first thing that comes into my mind when I hear the month, March is graduation. Maybe because IT is the highlight of March. Every time March comes around the corner, I always hear that very popular graduation song everywhere (tv ads, malls, restaurants) and my brain starts to give me mental images of students marching down in their togas to get their diplomas.

When I was little I always look forward to the day I will wear that black toga and cap and shout “HURRRAYYY! I OFFICIALLY PASSED COLLEGE!”

Now that has happened, I feel so old. Haha. Oh crap!

My friends who are graduating this year kept on asking me whats the right this and that for graduation. So I decided to make a post out of it!

Here are some tips (based on my experience)  to a comfy but still stylish graduation!

1. Wear something appropriate for the event. Consider the venue and the time of your graduation. Remember, you will be wearing this dress for hours. You should be comfortable wearing this outfit through out the ceremony.

2. Avoid wearing skimpy clothes and super short dresses. You are going to attend a graduation, not a party in a bar. Graduation is considered a solemn affair. If you are opting to wear those, please keep in mind the length of your skirt or dress. You will be constantly moving this day from marching down the aisle, climbing a flight of stairs to get your diploma, socializing with friends so if your skirt is too short, you would be constantly pulling down your skirt and make sure that everything is in place. Such a hassle right?

3. Heels, Yes it is a must! It’s a requirement for girls. Pick the shoes that you can stand for hours. Your pair of shoes is the KEY to make it through the whole day. Pick the right amount of heels. Yes, everyone wants to be tall, but what’s tall if you can’t walk the tall right? I suggest you buy your shoes a week before your grad and try walking in those shoes days before your graduation so your feet wouldn’t hurt as much.

4. Go for light make up or make up that shows your natural beauty. As for me, nude palettes are the best.🙂 Take note that there will be A LOT of picture taking this day, so you better make sure you are picture perfect! Remember to pick the right shade of foundation for your skin tone.

5.  As for hair-do, the first question is where is the venue? Is it indoor or outdoor? If it’s indoor, picking a hairstyle is easier. No wind to ruin your hair. Some girls prefer to put their hair on a bun but for others they prefer to curl their hair. It’s up to you which hairstyle you think would make you look prettier🙂

One main advice: Make sure your hair will be in place for the rest of the day.

6. Bring only the essentials. Check list: Phone, mirror, a lil bit of cash, oil blotting paper/ small powder and you are good to go! A handbag or a statement purse can do wonders for your outfit so pick the bag that complements your dress.

7. Lastly, Confidence! What’s an outfit without an attitude right? Always remind yourself that this is your day and you should have a blast!

Happy Graduation Batch 2012🙂

Enter Terminal 21

There is no doubt that Bangkok is the place to be when you want to shop and shop and find cheap bargains. From Siam Square
to Platinum Mall, Khao San Road to Pratunam Market and Chatukchak Market. Bangkok is one big shopping country! But of
all the shopping places and malls I have been to there, the one that really had me at first sight is Terminal 21.
It’s the newest and coolest mall in Bangkok.. so far.🙂 Hands down to the one who conceptualized this mall and to the one that made it all happen.

So let me brief you facts about Terminal 21.

Taken from

“Terminal 21 brings the dream of traveling the world to downtown Bangkok, with its cutting-edge concept that places several
world-famous cities under one roof. Find yourself wandering around a maze of shops in Tokyo City, sauntering down London’s
Carnaby Street, bagging a bargain in an Istanbul zouk, or shopping for something to fill your growling stomach at the
Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Part of the same building as Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit,
Terminal 21’s curvilinear glass-and-steel façade resembles a 21st-century airport,
and the theme continues once you step inside. The floor signs that signal the arrivals in particular cities,
a crisscrossing network of escalators, electronic display boards that bring to mind flight information displays at an
airport terminal and the information desk receptionists donning air hostesses’ uniforms – these are all part of the
shopping experience at Terminal 21.”

Entering Terminal 21 made me feel I just got out of Bangkok and I’m at the airport leaving for another country..
per floor.

Every destination is just an escalator away, not a flight away! COOL!

Check out these photos!

Welcome to Paris!

At the streets of Paris

The outlets in this floor are mostly fashion brands. Aside from international brands, they also feature local Thai Designers here.  Moving on to the next country…

Paper Lanterns

I don’t think I even have to tell you guys because just seeing the paper lanterns, you know it’s Tokyo, Japan!


Ladies can find beauty and clothing stores in this floor but for men, they can head to …

Send a snail mail to your loved ones using this!

London for men’s fashion needs. Oh, don’t forget to send a snail mail  to a loved one using this!

If you are looking for accessories, bags and trinkets check out Istanbul.

You are sure to find some lovely treasures here! After all the shopping and tours, you can head to San Francisco!

So now, let's fly to San Francisco!

Treat yourselves with delightful food after all that shopping and picture taking. Haha. Choose from the restaurants here in this floor. There are a lot!

And if you have time to spare, Do check out the latest movies in Hollywood!

Of course, we can't afford to miss Hollywood!

After San Francisco, where else?

Last but not the least, located at the Basement of Terminal 21…ROME, just like Paris most of the outlets you can find here are fashion brands.


 Look at how they structured the columns, and it doesn’t stop there…

Seriously, I never thought they could really pull it off, but they did. I was amazed seeing the sculptures and statues, there’s even a fountain of love!

Don't forget to look above!

Don’t forget to look above!

But if you just want the chill out vibe, go to the lower ground floor “The Caribbean”

Let's not forget The Caribbean.

You can do your grocery here, they have a supermarket and a lighthouse

I’m sure you are going to enjoy strolling around this mall. So, if ever you are in BKK, don’t forget to drop by Terminal 21!

Oh Hello there, so you stumbled upon my blog!

OLA!  I don’t know where to begin with but I’ll start this with…

“Hi, I’m Ivy. 22 years old, currently living in Singapore but still very much in love with Philippines, my home. I like good interiors, fashion and anything classified under ART. I love travelling and exploring new places plus tasting gooood food!”

Now, you have a pretty good idea on what I’ll be posting in this blog! Stay tuned!